Le Vieux Port The Old Port in Nice

THe Old Port, Nice

My friend Michael Honegger took this photo of the Old Port and gave me permission to use it.  It is the view from bedroom and office windows of his and Timothy Smith’s home in Nice…where I am staying now.

I am feeling immense GRATITUDE today that I can be here in France again.  Everyone at the hotel was so friendly and helpful.  Brice, my favorite concierge there said to contact him if I needed any help or directions while I am here and they got a taxi driver to bring me to the apartment who was willing to unload my luggage and put it in the elevator up to the apartment.  The taxi driver had to back his car up the street in order to park…one end of the one-way street is blocked because of construction.  That was over and above service.

It is a picture perfect day in Nice..sunny, breezy, warm.  There is a big food festival taking place tonight just below the apartment at the port…music, food, dance.  I’ll be there.

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