Why Brightly She Goes, They Asked?

April 2017

Inspiration came in a limerick that arrived via email.  The little spin on words clarified her understanding of Ray Bradbury’s writing and that of another author whose work she was reading at the time.  Then her choice of a raincoat for travel to France in 2015 was a bright cerise color.  The color de rigueur in big cities like Paris is noir.  So, wherever she went the bright rose colored coat stood out on a very tall white-haired lady.  One morning the title just slipped through the keyboard and onto her page…BrightlySheGoes. Merci pour l’inspiration.


Dear Reader…

September 2015


If you have signed on you already know I love to write about the places I go.    During the summer of 2015 I lived next to a gurgling creek at the Running Y Ranch in Klamath Falls.  I set up my computer next to a window looking out on the creek.  Each morning I slid open the doors to the deck to listen to the water moving downhill over rocks and pebbles and watch the woodland birds take an early dip.  The deck became a morning meditation sanctuary…water and bird songs the hymns to begin a day.    Words started to bubble up and I began to write longer stories.  As I pack up to leave Oregon until next summer, I am sad to say goodbye to my writing place.  Patty and Eric helped create BrightlySheGoes as a way to continue the flow as travels take me on another adventure.

Come along with me as a new chapter unfolds.

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