THOUGHTS AT THE END OF THE DAY, Friday, September 4th


Some random thoughts from the first full day of this trip in Nice.

  • Bikinis…they look hot on some bodies, not on others! Everyone on the beach is in a bikini!! Some might be better served with full-body cover-ups!
  • Politesse…I have separated generations of people by their behavior. In France, certain kinds of restaurant, it is quite common to say “bonjour” or “bonsoir” to the people at the table next to you…in older generations, and to say “bonsoir” to them when you depart. It seems to me, after today’s experiences that here, people under fifty ignore that practice.
  • How long can it last?   My favorite thing is people watching. So when I stopped for a long, tall bottle of sparkling water with lime, these are some of the things I noted:
    Three youngish women sipping glasses of rosé at the table in front of me. They were waiting for a fourth, who arrived, bisous all around, a glass of wine for her and at least another fifteen minutes before they ordered. Altogether, an hour, a half glass of wine consumed. I worked hard to make my half-liter of water last an hour. I could have gulped it!
  • Clothes…anything goes.  A middle-aged couple strolling down the Promenade…He had dyed black hair…really, really black hair, bright canary yellow trousers, lime green shirt with black, lime and canary designs and canary yellow tennis shoes. She had hot lime green tight,tight jeans with white polka dots, black and canary striped t-shirt, VERY bleached white blonde hair…I missed her shoes!
  • Observations watching people select or not, a restaurant. They walk up to the posted menu. Review the menu. Mostly the women choose. Two men, most often the shorter man chooses, once-in-awhile a real gentleman comes along, checks the menu, checks with his lady and THEY decide.
  • There are bike lanes on the Promenade…and heaven help the lady who does not pay attention and steps into the “green space” marked for the bicycles…as I did today. I got yelled at by the man who almost ran me down. Bien sûr, he was right.
  • The multiple concierges at this hotel know guests names after the first stop at the desk. Each time I pass by, they greet, smile, ask how my day has been and have been oh so kind and helpful with directions.
  • Older people are really friendly. Once again, for the most part, those who look under fifty are more into their devices than that which is happening around them. I realize that is a generalization, but it is regrettably noticeable.
  • I am walking too fast! Remember the intention I set to slow down? Sit down? Observe? I am finding it VERY difficult to do.
  • My French came back…volià…it just came back. That was a big surprise!
  • It is ten-thirty here. I move to my friends’ apartment tomorrow AM. My day is depleted!

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