In and around St Sulpice Church Sunday

Here are two photos taken inside St Sulpice on Sunday.  For anyone who is a fan of Dan Brown’s books, specifically The DaVinci Code, this church figures prominately in his novel.  It has been my joy to hear Daniel Roth play the organ here every time I’ve been in Paris since 2000.

As one approaches the church, there is a huge fountain in the square that graces the entrance.  Yesterday, in the middle of a pending thunderstorm, as I crossed onto the Place, there was a family with their dog that simply would NOT stay out of the water…and looked back at me taking its photo as if to say, “Be sure you take my photo doing the water walk”.  So, much to my delight for for those of you who are dog lovers, here’s her highness doin’ the walk.  And do note the huge black clouds in the sky…they opened up while we were in church.  There was a downpour.



Here is a full on look of the fountain at Place St. Sulpice as we exited the church following the organ concert.




3 thoughts on “In and around St Sulpice Church Sunday

  1. As always, enjoyed the photos and commentary.  Thanks for sending the e-mail last night. Am writing from my class for today: Digital Design – Adobe Photoshop. Great course; wish I had the time to take it. Questions: What camera do you use and how long will you be in Paris? Be safe, enjoy and eat dessert first; life is short. XO RaySent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App

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  2. Hi Ray…I use my iPhone 6+ phone…always!! And the friend I travelled with in Nice has the new iPhone 7 which has two cameras in the photograph design so that one can do many more things than I do. I was envious of her versatility in taking beautiful photos with it.


  3. Hello Susie first l want to say l enjoyed the doggie in the fountain pictures. Do we know her name lol? Maybe she was trying to cool off as just dipping ones paws or feet greatly cools down the body temp. St. Sulpice isn’t beautiful & just woow to have heard Daniel Roth everytime you visit. Have you spoken with him is he aware you are a fan? I have never read the DaVinci Code possibly l shall though l did see the movie with Tom Hanks. Thanks for sharing all of these beautiful excursions with us xxx


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