Le Jardin expo at The Grand Palais

IMG_1263IMG_4078Another wonderful museum experience on Monday at The Grand Palais. This is a huge and impressive building…so massive that I believe it would take a half hour to walk the perimeter of the structure..it is close to two blocks long on each side. So when the Uber driver dropped me off at what looked like a “front door” I ended up walking nearly two blocks to find the entrance for the expo on my list, “Le Jardin”. Right now there are three major expositions taking place–Le Jardin, a Rodin retrospective celebrating a century that has passed since his death in 1917, and an expo of jewels from the Al Thani Collection. If there were more time, I would have gone to all of them, most especially because I have had a nearly life-long passion for Rodin’s work. However, it was the gardens that spoke with the most intensity to me this trip. I walked much too far on Sunday and was paying the price Monday, so did not plan to go anyplace. However, late in the afternoon a new surge of energy revived me and at 4:00 PM I texted for a ride over to The Grand Palais. The museum is open until 8:00 PM so there was plenty of time to take in the garden exhibit, plus it was not at all crowded as it could have been earlier in the day.
Let me just say that for anyone who loves flowers, likes to get their hands in dirt,  loves the woods and the trees and color and masterful art, this was a full menu of experiences. And with that I’ll share some of the photos.

This first group of photos is of tools that were part of the collection.  If you double click on any photo, you will see a full size picture.

Next is a variety of things that were on display including a huge, room-size art installation of “dirt”…many kinds of dirt representing the “terroir” of gardens and fields and woods and quarry’s.

And finally a sampling of masterpieces of art…I cannot begin to recount the names of all the artists, some well known and some known only to serious students of art.



Kolomon Moser…Marigolds


Edouard Débat-Ponsan. Án artist from Toulouse  I particularly loved the marriage of subject  and frame on this one. 



Recognize this artist?  Matisse. Room-size art installation. 


And finally, Albrecht Dürer, Nuremberg

But wait, there is one more that simply stopped me in my tracks.  I have the full painting and then some outstakes of this man’s hands and feet.  Her reminds me of a Dutchman who lived on my family’s farm and was my Dad’s right hand man for many years.  He also took loving care of Mother’s flower beds when she needed extra help.  Émile Claus…Le Vieux Jardinier (The Old Gardener)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This last photo is the view from the second floor window as I exited The Grand Palais.  This was a absolutely stunning exhibit.


One thought on “Le Jardin expo at The Grand Palais

  1. Oh Susie just lovely. What a beautiful massive museum. I have two favorites the Marigolds and Edouard Debat-Ponsan’s the frame becoming part of his art l loved the gate.

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