Bon Fête de Muguet

Traditionally on the first of May the French celebrate by gifting friends with a bouquet of Lilies of the Valley…a symbol of spring, friendship, bonheur.  Even though it is rainy and chilly here in Nice today, we will be out and about in search of these fragrant little flowers to officially welcome spring and celebrate our years of friendship.

On another note, I’ve been writing in the office this morning and every-so-often went out to the kitchen to see if Lovey had shown up for her breakfast.  No dove.  Focussed on words and thoughts I was startled to see this little head bobbing up and down on the windowsill to my left.  She found me in the office, beckoned for her breakfast, and now has been duly fed…at her kitchen window station.  

2 thoughts on “Bon Fête de Muguet

  1. Thank you for your good thoughts and photographs on this first day of May 2017. You have the gift of expression. Very few ever discover the gifts God intended them to share with the world. Lilies and a dove on the window still. A nice way to begin the day and month. RaySent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App


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