Photos of lunch at St. Paul de Vence

Sorry to say I was technically challenged and could not seem to get meal photos on the same page as the art photos….so here goes.  First a big basket of crudités that were accompanied by both an anchovy sauce (very salty) and rémoulade. There were whole eggs, a whole onion, green onions, radishes, whole tomatoes, a head of celery and a fennel bulb and two halves of crisp cucumber.  Along side was a plate of crevettes (shrimp) and a large basket (panier) of bread.    Delicious.   Then Jan had rack of lamb, gratin potatoes and broccoli that just glistened.  My lunch was cod with steamed vegetables and an aioli sauce…a very Provençal dish.  For dessert we had chocolate mousse cake and strawberry/raspberry meringue cake that was the essence of fresh berries and maybe the best dessert ever.  The hand holding a long brown stick…a long straw of rolled chocolate…to go with coffee and eau de mandarin.  And for that splurge, we have been eating in and doing our own cooking to balance everything out…equally delicious and fun.

3 thoughts on “Photos of lunch at St. Paul de Vence

  1. Is it against French dining to ask for a doggie bag?

    After the basket of crudités and shrimp I would be ready for dessert!

    Hugs, Betty >


    • It was a long slow lunch and all that was left were some veggies in the basket…which I am sure went into a big pot of soup stock. No doggie bags in France…but often doggies join their family in the resto.


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