While most of you are in sleep mode, I have been out and about doing a bit of grocery shopping and having a petit dejeuner, breakfast!  it is two long blocks to the Monoprix grocery store and what is purchased must be carried back home!  I bought minimal supplies, stopped for a croissant and a café au lait and am back home in Tim’s office, enjoying the breeezes from the water below and updating this blog.

Last night I attended the food festival at the Old Port. It was similar to what many cities in the US host, called “taste of…” or “bite of…”.  Many chefs had prepared bites and there were literally thousands of people in line for their taste. Waiting in that line was not for me, so I found a restaurant that was serving meals outside, enjoyed my lamb shank and potatoes gratineé, sat among the revelers and enjoyed dinner, the parade, the energetic music and then watched the fireworks in my PJ’s from the balcony of my apartment.

4 thoughts on “SUNDAY MORNING

  1. Hmmm, I could do without the gelato descriptions… Just too good and too far away! Wonderful descriptions of Nice. Love the blue, blue water. How goes it with the slow down and savor aspect of this trip? I think that sounds like a great way to take the experience into your bones, the opposite of our “up and at ’em” father.


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    • It’s almost bedtime here….ach…just looked at my watch and it is 10:30 PM. Lots of action down on the port where I just came back from a long evening meal. Yes, I needed a quiet day today, so after groceries this AM, I got very comfortable with F Scott Fitzgerald and started re-reading Tender Is The Night. And so proud of myself for connecting my iPad to the SONOS sound system in the apartment. As if by magic I have whatever genre of music my heart desires played through superb speakers all through the house. But I’ll tell you that the shower in the master bathroom totally flummoxed me. I think that is another story for another day. I’m going to la marché aux fleurs early tomorrow AM. It is huge and is held every Monday morning.


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