Mes Amies á Willamette University

An organ concert at Notre Dame Cathedral was the setting for a rendezvous with my friends from colllege, Nancy Snyder and Sue Wilson.   Nancy and Sue have been here in Paris for a couple of weeks now…Nancy is almost at the end of her time here and Sue is staying on until early June.

After a most unusual selection of music in the beautiful old cathedral, we found a little place for tea and caught up on our respective journeys thus far.  I am about to take a promenade across the Luxembourg Gardens and meet them for Sunday lunch.  It has already been a full morning for me, as I ventured forth to a huge BIO market on Boulevard Raspail…loading my shopping basket with roasted chicken, fresh eggs, many things for salad and vegetables, fresh strawberries, blueberries and tiny bananas.  Photos of the market will come later today!!




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