Especially for Miriam and Emilia

A late afternoon stroll provided an opportunity to take some photos as I passed by a couple of windows that I knew Miriam and Emilia would love.  Miriam,  Je faisais du lèche-vitrine et j’ai pensé à toi.  Here are photos of lemon colored dresses, shoes that were so expensive I would not buy them for my own feet IF they even would fit!!  And a little jewelry store with curious and playful little boiled wool animals.




One thought on “Especially for Miriam and Emilia

  1. Susie, thank you so much for the gorgeous pictures. Seeing all that green in one place relally makes me realize how much I miss it. Have been busy scheduling pre op, surgical spine camp (no running or exercises involved….he he) just a go over to what to expect. I will be having physical therapy 2x weekly with “your” James Trout. Enjoy your stay in Paris, and let the smells, food and scenery stay etched in your mind forever. Hugs to you. Robin


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