Two Ladies in a French Jardin

Jan and I left Nice for the beautiful area of Cap Ferrat further along the Riviera yesterday.  There was so much security in Nice for the election that getting farther afield seemed like the right thing to do.  We took a bus to Beaulieu sur Mer and spent the entire day at Ville Ephrussi de Rothschild…the estate of a very wealthy French woman,  left as a privately managed estate that is open to the paying public.  One can tour the beautiful home, have lunch in the tea room either indoors or outdoors, and tour the almost nineteen acres of beautiful designed garden areas.  We did all of the above on a day that was partly sunny, slightly warm, and where flowers were at their pristine best.  There were visitors from all over the world but it did not seem crowded.  We had lunch at a table next to a couple visiting from Rotterdam; took photos with a Mother/Daughter pair from Berlin, and at the end of the day, snapped a family photo for a family travelling from Amsterdam.

5 thoughts on “Two Ladies in a French Jardin

  1. It is just so wonderful to take this trip along with you both! How generous of you to share your experiences with those of us at home!


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