Le Dernier Jour (The Last Day)

Writing to a friend earlier this evening I noted that I’m ready to go home but not ready to depart France. My list still has unfinished business. The morning dawned hot and humid. The courier who was supposed to collect my luggage between 8:00 and noon was late by an hour and I began to worry that he would not arrive. He came at 1:00. Then it was time to confirm my ride to the airport in the morning, take myself a few blocks down the street to the Bouygues Telephone store (French version of Verizon or T-Mobile) and change out the SIM card in my phone, make a stop to pick up some earrings that were to arrive today and then, provided there was still energy, go over to the Pissarro Expo at the Luxembourg Gardens…my final art exhibit for this trip.

All done!! And am I ever glad I prodded myself up from a bit of melancholy and got on with it. It began to cool down about 4:00 PM this afternoon and that’s when I got to the museum. What a totally PERFECT way to close out the trip. Pissarro’s pastoral paintings, all gathered together in this beautiful setting, bridged art and life for me…color, subject, artistic treatment are a blend of rural life like no other artist can do it, in my opinion. I sat in the little garden tea room afterwards, watching people come and go in the Luxembourg Gardens while I sipped le tea glacé and indulged in yet another decadent chocolate something! Don’t worry, I’vie walked off every bite of chocolate taken in on this trip…miles and miles and miles have accumulated on the Fitbit (which I forgot to wear today). On the leaderboard that my family has going on the Fitbit App, I was ahead most of this trip. Usually I’m last on the list.

I wandered through the gardens, taking photos here and there, sat for awhile and watched people again and listened to a songbird warble a beautiful melody, caught sight of a jardinier planting new flowers and took a photo that was a modern day version of Le Vieux Jardinier that was at The Grand Palais expo on Monday afternoon. I was seated close to one of the three Statue of Liberty sculptures that is in Paris, so walked over and took a photo of her, all the while wondering what the political state of our country was when France gifted the United States with the grand Statue of Liberty that beckons in New York harbor. A pause for consideration.

And finally, reluctantly, departed my favorite place in all of Paris to return chez l’appartement and finish packing a carry on bag. On the way home I said goodbye to the manager of a nearby epicerie where many of my evening meals were purchased. He was outside, across the street from the store having his afternoon cigarette break.

This evening’s meal was a “clean out the refrigerator” dinner…fresh shelled peas, carrots, radishes and a tomato, misted in red wine vinegar and olive oil and a slice of vegetable quiche (balanced the chocolate from earlier) and the last glass of rosé that was chilled in the refrigerator. There is a piece of baguette, a container of yogurt and a mixture of strawberries and blueberries for breakfast in the morning. And aside from unused butter, mustard, and mayonnaise, the refrigerator is empty. Beautiful and very fragrant peonies still grace the dining room table.

As I write this the skies have opened up and a huge thunderstorm just reduced the heat factor by at least twenty five degrees…windows closed to keep the water out, but it will be a cool night for sleeping tonight.

And now a collection of photos that reflect my last day (dernier jour) in Paris.  There will be more posts from this journey but not from Paris.  There are stories that remain unfinished and photos yet to be posted.  Thank you for joining me for this past month in France.

Walking down rue de Rennes,,,



The Pissarro Exhibit


In and around the Luxembourg Gardens

And proudly she hails…IMG_4395

4 thoughts on “Le Dernier Jour (The Last Day)

  1. I’m feeling wistful too, as I’ve so enjoyed, vicariously, this trip to France with you!! Thank you again for all the photographs and commentary that you’ve shared! It’s been great!


  2. Thank you so much for your beautiful pictures and so interesting descriptions – I loved them all – I felt like I was there and it was wonderful.
    Love, Mary Lou


  3. Susie, I have so enjoyed taking this journey with you. I have loved the pictures, the verbal vignettes, your cheeky (in a wonderful way) perspectives. I have seen Paris in a whole new light and have loved it. Thank you for letting us have a window seat to your adventure.
    With love, Lori

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