Il pleut des cordes

Outside, it is “raining cords”, one of the first French expressions I ever learned, probably back in high school.  Lightening, thunder, and a total downpour. Sensing a storm was eminent I scurried to the corner boulangerie for a demi-baguette, tomorrow morning’s croissants and just barely made it through the big iron doors into the apartment building before the skies opened up.  The little umbrella Jan loaned me was hard put to stay open but kept me covered on the way home.

As for the rest of this day, after a late start I’ve been to a fun store, Le Bon Marche, meandered through the many floors of fashions and then crossed over into the Epicerie, which is a Whole Foods Store on steroids.  Normally I’d take a lot of photos, but there was a fatigue factor going on because the store was suffocatingly hot, so what you have below are the brightest and most avante garde fashions I came upon this afternoon.  No food photos!!

And as if those were not enough…

And I’ll take the pastel and noir layered look on the end of the rack.


Then just complete this eclectic series of photos from today’s journey, look what I found parked outside the elementary school a block away from my apartment…all locked up to the metal railings that sort of protect the entrance to the school yard.  Le mode de transport for the little kids.


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