Brightly She Goes to Paris

Good evening from rainy Paris. I arrived here late this afternoon in pouring rain after a long and beautiful train ride up the Mediterranian Coast and through the verdant farm lands of Burgundy. Photos to follow. There will be a couple more posts from Nice as soon as I regroup and get them finished. Jan and I went our separate ways early this morning…she boarded a plane back to California. We’ve had such a grand time together; it was sad to see it end. Just a brief report about the doves…they did not show up to bid us goodbye this morning. Perhaps they were sulking because we were leaving…qui sais?  

I’m unpacking and trying to get settled in a lovely apartment and am about to pack it in for the night. It’s only 8:45 PM, but I’m beat. 

Bonne Nuit….Susie 
 1 and 3.  Fields of rape plants that are grown for cooking oil (I think!). 2.   A Burgundian farm with Charlais cattle grazing in the field, affectionately known by a group of us who spent lots of time in Burgundy, as Charlie Cows.  A flood of memories as we passed through that part of France today.   4. A sign at the information office of the Nice train station that says DON’T SLAM THE DOOR. I thought it was amusing …”ne claquer la porte”. 5. The Nice train station.  6. Photo of the porter who met me at the train station and got me all loaded and settled in my seat

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