A Guest Who Came to Dinner

Our dove was late to breakfast yesterday morning and we were very concerned…you might  have heard us muttering about where she could possibly be. About 11:30 AM  she showed up for brunch.  Shortly after we arrived home from Antibes last night, along came Lovey…with a companion!!  Lovey is the lighter colored of the two.   Clearly she had a distraction yesterday morning that made her later than usual.  They returned ensemble again this morning and we stood watch to shoo away the pigeons who seemed unusually determined to undermine their seedy breakfast.  We have been mightily entertained by the dove experience…reluctantly return the responsibility back to Michael and Tim tomorrow and await the news of further developments.


3 thoughts on “A Guest Who Came to Dinner

  1. We are certainly going to miss l’histoire of Lovey and Dovey. Perhaps you can keep us updated as you hear from T & M. Bon voyage demain…to Jan as she travels home and you to Paris. A tres bientot. Sue

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