We have been in Nice for a week today.  It’s raining and we are tired after a very busy day yesterday, so have decided to lay low, catch up, and rest today.  Which brings me to a little tale that began a week ago last night.  That’s when our flights arrived, late in the evening.  It was 8:30 PM by the time we got to our apartment and yours truly was hungry.  There was a bag of very interesting looking granola in a big bowl on the kitchen counter, so I thought…Ah ha, Cereal and milk will be just right before going crashing for the night.  The cereal didn’t seem to be absorbing milk so I heated it a bit in the microwave.  I still couldn’t chew it and jokingly said to Jan, “I think I’m eating bird seed.”  After a few more tries at chewing I gave up and left it in the kitchen sink. It didn’t look any softer the next morning so into the garbage it went.  That was when Lovey first showed up at the street side window and we began feeding her crumbs from our bread sacks.  So this bag of “granola seeds” had been perplexing us all week and finally yesterday I sent an email to Michael and Tim to inquire about the contents of the container.  Their response dissolved us into gales of laughter…giggles if you will…because Timothy confirmed that it was indeed bird seed for the dove, and yes, we could feed it to her if we were so inclined.   You should have seen her devour her dinner last night, and arrive soggy and windblown for her handout this morning.   The dirty windowsill was a distraction so Jan very carefully brushed the remainders into a damp paper towel, wiped the stone sill free from bird droppings, and Lovey dined in style this morning.  I laugh as I record this tale…we will laugh forever at the thought of me trying to chew that seedy granola.  And Michael will always remember to label the bag of birdseed as such for future guests.

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