Galeries Lafayette

One of the wonderful department stores in France is Galeries Lafayette. Yesterday we took the tram (a first) to Place Massena and ventured forth for a little window shopping at the Nice store.  Pictured above is a display of chairs, handbags, shoes and accessories in the current African springtime theme. The design ideas were presented throughout the store including floor coverings at the top and bottom of all the escalators in colorful, artful African patterns.


After perusing the store we had a little Pause Gourmande…afternoon tea.

We were both really tired yesterday so did little in the way of sightseeing. Instead we challenged ourselves to work the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher…and by the end of the day, all our light colored clothes were clean and dry.  Michael and Tim write very clear directions about how to use the appliances, but in spite of having used French machines before, how they work always seems counter intuitive until one has successfully done it a few times.  At home we take for granted that washer and dryer doors just OPEN.  Here there are at least two buttons that must be engaged…so the sight of two grown women sitting on the floor in a tiny bathroom/laundry room saying “Do you think if we push “arrêt” and then “depart” the door will open? ” would have made for a hilarious comic strip.   Two years ago when I was here, I never could get the dishwasher to work. Thanks for VERY detailed instructions, this year it worked like a charm.



5 thoughts on “Galeries Lafayette

  1. When you say the “tram” is that a train or like the “tram” we have in Tucson?It’s always a challenge to use any kind of utility (even showers) when in another country or even here in the states at a B&B!!!! I can imagine…. hugs, B



    • Hi…It’s like the tram we have in Tucson only far more sleek and modern. One buys a ticket for the day, good for as many rides as you need in a day, or a seven day pass. They are also interchangeable with the regular bus…which we took today to Villefranche sur Mer.


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