The colors of Nice revive Brightly!

Now that the suitcase is in Nice (and I am still in Arizona) I’ve had some time and help tinkering with the blog site….and have colors to go with “Brightly”.

Keys have arrived for both the Nice and Paris apartments….travel insurance is in place, cell phone works in France.  Ét voilà suis prêt….I am ready.

Do you like the new look?

4 thoughts on “The colors of Nice revive Brightly!

  1. You, the brave and global passenger, farewell. Oh, intrepid and fearless lioness of exploration. Prowl, my lady, do. Slide easy into color and verb. You have no peer. You are the envy of us all. May the gods, in what air they still breathe, place rainbows in your path and should perchance you find some tidbit, some long hidden tome, some exotic jewel overlooked, report it back to we who wait and listen.
    Dear Friend.

    Bon Voyage

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