Little Library is Growing

Conversations with contributors and colleagues brought to mind more additions to the Little Library.  This space is now held for all those other books folks say must be included including your editor.


The story takes place in Paris in a building called an “hotel particular” meaning that it is an historical building, often formerly the home of a noble man that is now a residence containing grand apartments or condominiums.  It has a concierge who usually lives in a small apartment on the premises. The concierge is hired to keep track of the residents needs, make sure all the functioning parts of the building are in working order, receive deliveries, and comme d’habitude, becomes a sort of “village voice”. As a book to read, I found this one hard to stay with in spite of my friend Phyllis’s encouragement to continue. However, one day a package arrived  in the mail from a writer friend who knows of my love for Paris (and does not necessarily share the sentiment) and contained therein was an AUDIO copy of this book…many CD’s.  Listening to it while driving back and forth to Seattle from southern Oregon, the book came alive. The voices of the narrators give shape to the characters…one can visualize the comings and goings, the nosiness, the drama, and the intrigue that takes place in the various apartments in this residence. I highly recommend it in its audio form…sweet story, delightful listening experience.


Michael Honegger’s recommendation for Le Flâneur was a reminder that La Flâneuse is sitting in the library at home, waiting to be read.  This is a new publication and is new to me.  Le Flâneur is a story about a man strolling the city of Paris; La Flâneuse is written about and by a woman.  Don’t you just love that most French words are masculine or feminine! It is easy to become tangled in genders.





This book is airplane reading for the flight to Nice. It’s loaded into Kindle for my iPad.  Review to come later.