La Cuisine


On Friday after we arrived in Nice, Jan and I went to a cooking class offered by French Canadian Chef and French tour guide, Rosa Jackson. Elsewhere in the blog you will a page and photos from the class that I attended in 2015 in Rosa’s French kitchen.  She has since created a new atelier where she holds her classes.

Watch this space…..more to come…….

Saturday afternoon:  Our class on Friday began with a tour of the big outdoor market at Cours Salyea in Nice.  We met Rosa, had coffee and croissants and then shopped for the things we would prepare under her tutelage.  We roasted a whole fish (looked like a dragon!) in a salt crust, prepared artichoke carpicciao, cooked baby turnips in a glaze of honey and olive oil, steamed fresh pea pods, made a lemon, tomato salsa to accompany the roasted fish and for dessert made Straberries Gratinee.  Jan and I chopped and prepped vegetables, I patted the salt crust on the fish much to Jan’s amusement, and we learned of a new spice as we grated tonka ben into the custard that enrobed the strawberries we purchased at the market.   Below, a selection of photos from our day.